Sunday May 27 – Hotan – Dave

Unfortunately we were unable to time our visit to Kashgar to make the legendary Sunday market, so we spent today in Hotan to see their smaller version of it.

Firstly we went to the clothes and food section.  It was just cranking up for the day, but already heaving with people and full of tasty and not-so-tasty smells from stalls preparing lunch.

A woman sat on the ground singing her heart out and the yuan (some of them ours) flowed in…

And everywhere children ran about, playing or doing their best to help.

Then it was on to the animal market where cows, goats, sheep and camels arrived by truck, put-put or tractor-pulled trailer to be manhandled by a stream of potential buys eager to identify the cream of the flock.

On the way back to the hotel we bumped into the ubiquitous Nathan who had arrived in late last night after having cycled 190KM yesterday!

So he joined us for dinner along with another English tourist, Andrew Christie-Miller, who we’d met at the market and who was staying at our hotel.  And it turned out that he and John had pals in common.  Small world.

Best to you all,








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