Just in China! No-man’s country for older men and vans

Just received following text from Simon:

Just over the Torughat pass and awaiting new customs and new registration of bikes and van inĀ  China, current altitude 3750 metrers We are all feeling a bit rough .

Have met up with Paul. Roads worse than I imagined only just got up pass and bottomed out a lot on the ruts poor old van

More when I get a bit more oxygen in board!


4 thoughts on “Just in China! No-man’s country for older men and vans

  1. No man’s land for most people I should think, never mind their age or encumbrance with vans! It’s all just so exciting, brilliant posts, keep breathing Simon and team so you can keep writing.

    • Thanks Jane,
      Great rest day today. Went off to shampoo van and bikes because all the radiators clogged with mud. Got some great shots of load of Chinese girls washing them. Piece on that in a day ot two.

      Food fantastic-


  2. Great to know that you were able to coax the van through the mountains.

    Only 40 more days to go, keep up the great blog.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement Bob,
    When we go off piste re internet connection we have developed this cool technique of texting Susan every hour with a report of anything dramatic. She can update the blog immediately. This is good and very contemporaneous because after a few days for us at the coal face the next drama has begun to extinguished the last one. We are taking up to 200 photos a day which have to be edited and some of them cropped and adjusted for over exposure. Dave and I feel like we are working for Reuters in a war zone and feel obliged to get the copy in each day sometimes working into the small hours. It gives the trip great purpose for us both. Each person has a specific set of functions in the group. Dave and I write to you guys, Richard plans diligently ahead each day and keeps the trip on line and time. John is available for consultation on all strategic issues and is our disaster back up adviser. Nick is our wing man – experienced biker and foresees many problems we miss before they hit us .
    Most of the shots are with a Nikon D40 with a great 18-200mm lens . It is tough as old nails and has been twice nearly though the windscreen. Also now have some very good action movie high definition


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