July 9 – A postscript from Los Angeles – Dave

It’s 5:30 AM Pacific Time and I’m back at my desk in Los Angeles, reflecting on the Great Silk Ride.

I had set off hoping that, in addition to relishing the stimuli of new places and cultures, I would enjoy that sustained in-the-momentness that long journeys can bring – the confusions of past and future pushed aside by the intensity of the present.  I’m happy to report that that’s exactly that happened for me, and, I believe, for my four traveling companions.  But for that to be achieved depended on the love, friendship and support of many people whom I now need to thank.

Most importantly, thank you to my family for your support – Mum, Alan, Barbara, Scott, Kristen, Kelly, Jessica, Dylan (who never complained about me going away), Susan and, of course, most importantly, Karen.  Knowing that you were behind me, despite any concerns, inconveniences and fears you might have had, was all-important to my enjoyment of the moment(s).

And thank you to my traveling companions – John, SImon, Richard, Nick and all those of you who joined us along the way.  I was fortunate to have spent time with you.

A few particular words of thanks to…

John – despite all the pressures in your life, you stuck to a crazy, in vino promise we made each other a long time ago.  Thank you for that.  Not many people would have done it.  One of the pleasures of the trip was to see you relaxing into life on the road and just being one of the boys.

Nick – I’m so glad you decided to come.  The journey would not have been half as much fun without you.  Your modest, unflappable nature added essential balance to the team.  You are a multi-talented dark horse and it’s been a joy spending time with you.

Richard – John always says the trip would never have happened without your commitment, energy and organizational skills and he’s right.  I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done to make it happen.  One benefit of my poor memory is that I’ll enjoy hearing your jokes again on our future trips – which I look forward to keenly.

Simon – What a star.  I can’t think of anyone who would have played that role with such intelligence, energy, humor and grace.  You and Richard made it all happen.  Thank you.  (And, by the way, thank you for reminding me by example, of the importance of energy and drama in writing).

And, Ben, thanks again for providing this forum.

So, until the next time…

Best to you all and love to my family,



One thought on “July 9 – A postscript from Los Angeles – Dave

  1. Congratulations to you all…What an achievement!! Please hurry up and plan another Awfully Big Adventure soon as I’m already suffering from Blog withdrawal symptoms.

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