Friday June 1st –Turfan to Hami- Simon

Before leaving the hotel we checked out some hard core Thai riders and their machines- look at this full on KTM with a 45 litre plastic tank and you can see the fuel level half way down the “A”.

Fully loaded KTM look at the mits

Running west from Urumchi (a big regional city) are the Bogda Shan and the Barkol Shan mountains. We travelled from minus 200 metres to plus 3000 meters as we went along side them. And one third way to the top of the pass we met Nathan again . By now he had collected Alan, a Frenchman on a recumbent ,who is circumnavigating the world for the second time at 63.

Alan's recumbant bike- second time round the world at 63


Nathan's new friend Alan from France- we passed him in Uzbekistan!!

I am riding bikes today today and get to feel the desert temperatures (28-35 deg C) We travel up through the pass of the “Flaming Mountains” an impressive ferric oxide valley with red rocks and a small river at the bottom

Richard plus Nick and one extra arm ( Alan's)

Simon with a shirt over John's Kevlar shoulder padding

Dave in mufty -driving van today

Flaming Mountain’s

WE stop for lunch at the top of a windy pass and we had to secure our awning to Paul pickup.Between these two ranges there is a strong cross wind blowing at about 30mph. So one has to lean heavily into it. This is fine until a lorry comes the other way, pinches your wind and you go flying into the middle of the road. After a few passes you get the hang of it.

off into the sun I go

I quite enjoy these vast open plains where there is a corner every 20 miles


We get set off down hill and cruise down 3000 metres of altitude to Hami. On coming to a toll booth I get pulled over by the police for speeding. The Fuzz proudly present me with a picture of Richard zooming along on his bike with “101KMH” plastered all over it . I am about to start to say ” it wasn’t me officer” and thought better of it. It surely was one of us!! because there were not many other BMWs out that day. I get let off with a smacked wrist.

We pull in to Hami in the sweltering heat and find our quiet and cool hotel. On the map we had travelled three inches . About 190 miles over 6 hours. How Nathan is keeping up with us we not quite sure- but he never stops for rest days.



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