Day 8 – March 27 – Santa Margherita to Assissi, Italy – Simon

Good to have a rest day in Santa Margherita de Ligure , time to pickup John from the airport and have one last go at the local fish restaurants. Nick and Christian took a bus to  Porto Fino at the tip of the Ligurian peninsula. The topography reminds me of St Lucia, steep sided thick and inpenetrable wooded hills dropping into the sea, broken up where possible by seaside towns which are clearly rammed by the Italians in the summer.However for us the temperature is probably just cooler than you are getting in the Uk.

Pre dinner entertainment – sitting on the sea front watching what can be carried on a motorscooter. Two adults plus dog is standard; and even a 10 foot roll of carpet not to be shied away from although oncoming traffic has to keep clear.

Tuesday morning and we are away from the Riviera and south east towards Tuscany. I took the motorways ; the guys took the country route and will get in tonight at 6.30, pretty knackered. I took the opportunity to visit the hill top town of Cortuna , about 1000 foot up and surrounded by a number of large churches .

We have two more days to reach either Bari or Brindisi both of which may offer a ride across the Adriatic to Igoumenitsa in Greece.


2 thoughts on “Day 8 – March 27 – Santa Margherita to Assissi, Italy – Simon

  1. Simon – I’ve changed the header, but not very well. I think I’ll have another go, and perhaps include you and David in it sometime soon. Probably not for a few days though – some of us have work to do!

    Hope it all continues to go to plan, and glad that the blog is proving a decent way to showcase the adventure.


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